Welcome to the #freepermaculture toolshed!

A collection of free, hands-on, DIY resources for growing organic food and creating regenerative lifestyles.

The toolkits are in prelaunch, but you're welcome to explore. We also host the yearlong free online permaculture course here.

Available Products

Welcome Zone

Start here to learn what this space has to offer.

Free Permaculture Coloring Book

Original artwork and writing plus extra activities to help the whole family learn.

Courses for Creative Women

Tap your creative potential with #freepermaculture director (and author of Food Not Lawns) Heather Jo Flores. 

Food Not Lawns

This hands-on toolkit from the author of Food Not Lawns will focus on a step-by-step process.

Permaculture for Beginners

This toolkit will get you started growing food and designing your eco-homestead.

#freepermaculture community forums

A free, independent social network, where you can create groups, post articles, and make friends!

Compost & Soils

Compost, mulches, manures, teas, and more to help you build soil for optimum organic fertility.

Seed Stewardship

Learn how to grow, protect, select, harvest, process, and store heirloom and locally-adapted seeds.

Fermentation for Beginners

Learn how to preserve the harvest with a variety of yummy and highly nutritious concoctions!

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